Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 3.01.16 PMHi there. I’m Claire.

I’ve been at this writing thing since I asked my mom to write “sweet blossoms” in cursive because I liked the way it looked when I copied her handwriting. Also since I wrote my own version of “The Borrowers” as a gift for my cousin complete with illustrations and a crudely sewn binding.

Times have changed, but I’ve kept at this love affair with words, and they haven’t ever let me down.

Here is a space where I write about all the stuff of life currently.

Minimalism, or as I once called it, “wannabe minimalism”, motherhood, my love-hate relationship with social media and political activism, my pursuit of a beautiful existence in an imperfect world, faith and sex and God in the belly of a black winged bird (Counting Crows–anyone?).

My “professional” bio goes a little something like this:

I’m a former public school teacher and aspiring home-schooler, mom of two under three, wife to a dreamy dreamer-man, and artist by passion and profession (etsy shop coming oh-so-soon). I have tried to write to a few specific “niches” as to attract a target audience, but for a number of reasons, I’ve settled on just writing for me, and trusting that others will be blessed by the way I write and encourage and process here on this blog.

I try to live my life for Jesus Christ, as I owe Him everything and all I have is a gift from Him.

I live in an urban setting on the far South Side of Chicago, and am a big fan of coffee, kombucha, yoga, and lemongrass essential oil (typical, I know).

I think people can live off much less than they typically do, and so I try to live sustainably and within my means. I also think that since I was born privileged, it is my responsibility to give back to those who are not–to care for and advocate for “the least of these” and those who are marginalized. I try to live by these convictions. I don’t always measure up to where I want to be.

In another life entirely, I was an actor who played Peter Pan and Hermia…and others. That was fun, but I’m actually relieved to be a little bit removed from the theatrical community right now– it gives me space to write from my perspective instead of another character’s perspective. However, I am truly grateful for all of the characters I’ve portrayed in the past, who have each helped me in my discovery of who God made me to be in the now.

My latest and most lasting mantra is this: “Be your best self, no matter the circumstance.”

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