Writing with a Mission

20645093_500914573585354_4903127283379000974_oClaire Florine.

Clearing the clutter, tossing the excess, and choosing only the absolute best in life.

This is my journey towards a minimalist lifestyle.

Why? Because life is about God’s specific calling, not the world’s comfort.

In a society where we are encouraged that “more” is the answer, I believe the true and better answer is “less”. Because the truth is, when we detach from our worldly possessions and complicated time commitments, we make room for what is truly important in life, and we get to say “yes” to what God has for us–we get to say “yes” to only the very best.

I first stumbled upon this passion for simplicity after finally quitting a job which left me over-worked, over-tired, and over-stressed. In evaluating my commitments, and even what I was spending my paychecks on, I found that none of the “clutter” or “busyness” in my life was really meaningful to me or to those I cared about. More importantly, I realized that my stressful, over-committed, sleep-deprived, and consumer-driven life was not pleasing to God.

So I began this minimalist journey (documented here) which includes not just spending and time management hacks, but catalogues my developing philosophy of living a simple yet focused life as a willing servant to Christ, rather than a mindless slave to materialism.

My goal is to inspire others to live a more simplified, healthy, manageable, and meaningful life with purpose.

Thanks for joining me on the journey.


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